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WordBanker English Vocabulary Builder 2.0.2

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Downloads: 7,155

Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server

No limitations

Date Added:November 1, 2006

Publisher's description of WordBanker English Vocabulary Builder

From Catalyst Projects:

WordBanker is a unique method of helping you improve your English Vocabulary.
Have trouble memorizing new words. WordBanker's Visual Clue method of testing
means you learn without even realizing it. Also good for improving your spelling

BuenSoft Ingles 2004

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Downloads: 76,693

Requirements: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Limitations: One English lesson/subject per week

Date Added:July 18, 2002

Publisher's description of BuenSoft Ingles

From BuenSoft:

BuenSoft Ingles is a innovative, listening-based interactive program designed to give adult and adolescent English students a fast and easy way to improve their skills. You can add only five subjects to the unregistered version of this program. The registered version lets you add an unlimited number of English subjects. The new version now includes two more activities in addition to the other 13 activities previously included. The teacher administration module has been updated to keep track of the student's scores and progress.

Word Dummy 4

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Downloads: 11,301

Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Limitations: No limitations

Date Added:June 6, 2005

Publisher's description of Word Dummy

From Caltrox Educational Software:

An excellent graphical kids word searches game and word puzzles application for teaching children English vocabulary through word building. The aim of the game is to create the given word in the available spaces before the guesses runs out, else the player becomes the dummy. The word search games software has been designed to increase vocabulary activities.

It incorporates ease of use, fast setup, and interactivity along with excellent full color graphics and high quality sound effects. The program has a large database of English words built in to make the word games a challenging experience. Full audio-visual and multimedia features have been built into the program.Features include 14,000-word games English dictionary database, unlimited word puzzles generation using random algorithms, a beautifully designed word games graphical output. The software is fully multimedia based with an audio-visual output.



Search online dictionaries
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Enter word or phrase:
Enter a word to search for dictionary web sites that include that word.
Enter a pattern consisting of letters and wildcards to search for words.
Valid wildcards are * (matches multiple letters) and ? (matches one letter).

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