Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Esl Podcast

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Tuesday - January 15, 2008
English Café 120
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Topics: Men and “dumb blondes,” the Rotary Club,
grade versus score, how do I get to versus where do I
find, my friend versus a friend of mine
Tags: English Caf

Sunday - January 13, 2008
ESL Podcast 338 – Refusing an Invitation
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Learn how to say no to an invitation politely in English
in this episode.
Tags:Daily Life

Friday - January 11, 2008
ESL Podcast 337 – Reading Comic Books
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They’re not just for kids anymore. Learn all about
graphic novels and comic books in this episode.
Tags: Entertainment

Wednesday - January 09, 2008
English Café 119
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Topics: Cities: Anchorage, Alaska; John Henry; you
might as well, to hit the ground running, the “café”
in English Café, what goes around comes around,
breaking news
Tags: English Caf

Monday - January 07, 2008
ESL Podcast 336 – Going Out of Business
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When a business is doing poorly, sometimes it has to
close. Find out more in this episode.
Tags: Business

Friday - January 04, 2008
ESL Podcast 335 – Getting a Car Serviced
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Take a trip to the mechanic to have your car looked at
in this episode.
Tags: Transportation

Wednesday - January 02, 2008
English Café 118
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Topics: How to become the president of the United
States, tailgating parties, seize versus arrest versus
detain, pronouncing “the,” expressions for showing
Tags: English Caf

Monday - December 31, 2007
ESL Podcast 334 – Hiding from the Police
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If you fought the law and the law won, then listen to
this episode where you’ll learn all about crime
vocabulary in English.
Tags: Daily Life

Friday - December 28, 2007
ESL Podcast 333 – Quitting Smoking
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Smoke, anyone? Learn about how to end your
addiction on this episode.
Tags: Health/Medicine

Wednesday - December 26, 2007
English Café 117
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Topics: Ask an American: Business travel in the U.S.;
bang for your buck, original versus initial, the longest
word in English
Tags: English Caf



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