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Listening Video online

Listening : Video online

You'll need a fast connection to do these and also have the necessary
plug-ins: RealPlayer, ShockWave, QuickTime, Flash... These plug-ins are
free and easy to install.

Online videos with exercises for students

Real English®

Video Dictations Exercises

TV Commercials
Find the differences between the videos and the transcripts.


Text reconstruction/dictation exercises.

Learn English through movies. A variety of types of films, with and without subtitles. There are also quizzes and "reviews" where you can give feedback on the films.

Michel Barbot's Hot Potatoes exercises
based on movie clips:

In America
The Luzhin Defence

DY-TECH Hot Potatoes quizzes based on movie clips. Unfortuately don't work in Firefox:

Patch Adams
Butch & Sundance
The Postman
Field of Dreams - Voices
Stepmom - Serious
The Shawshank
Redemption -Life

School of Rock
The Return of the King -Mordor
Lord of the Rings - Middle Earth
Gone with the Wind - No Lady
Jersey Girl
I am Sam - In the "best" interest
.. and many more.

Real English® a very attractive website with exercises and authentic videos.
You have to register but a lot are free. (We also have Real English videos
and a CD-Rom in the CLA media centre.)

Learning English with the CBS
Carleton University Applied Linguistics
Video clips about Canada with exercises.

Josef Schiele's Real English® video exercises
with and without the sound. (He has lots of other interesting exercises
on his site, too.)

Short clips from YouTube with comprehension questions.

On Sara Martin's El Rebumbio site:
The Lord of the Rings

English School Club's movie trailers with blank filling exercises. Unfortunately don't work in Firefox:

A Bug's Life
Finding Nemo
Meet the Fockers
The Last Samurai
Harry Potter
Before Sunset
The Aviator
Shall We Dance
The Incredibles

Franck Loiseau's set of 20 exercises around

Living English - Sisters and Brothers
Australian elementary level course.

Canal U's News Busters based on news clips.

Newcastle ALE (Academic Listening Exercises) Video and audio extracts
from university lectures.

"Wanna" Watch Some Movies? - My Cousin Vinny
Buth Al Othman suggests activities to do on your own or with a partner.

BBC Learning English - Beyond the Postcard: Watch the videos and
answer the questions:

Bristol - Wine Trade
Winchester - King Alfred
Oxford - Carfax Tower
Windsor - Herne the Hunter
Greenwich - The Queen's House
Brooklands - Aviation

BBC Learning English: Video Nation Listen to the video diaries
and do the exercises

English Bites Australian news clips with transcripts, vocabulary
help and multiple choice quizzes.

Literacy Net - CNN Story Archives – Each module includes the full text
of each story and interactive activities to test comprehension. Your
can choose to read the text, listen to the text, and view a short video
clip of the story.

You can watch movie trailers and do exercises on them.
Scripts available.

Produced and presented by Sarah - a New Zealander based in Japan. Scripts here.

Videos, podcasts and listening and reading exercises.

Arlyn Freed's ESL/EFL Listening Resources with reviews of web
sites (audio and video)

Video on-line - but no exercises

Videojug: Life explained on film
Short "how-to .." films on many subjects with transcripts. Very clear and easy to understand.

Teacher Tube
Lessons on different subjects of variable quality but many of them are clear and easy to understand for learners of English. Downloadable.

With transcriptions and podcasts.

Moving Image Archive An American free collection some of which can
apparently be downloaded and used for academic purposes, for example
the Prelinger archives.

The National Archives
UK public information films which can also be downloaded and used for academic purposes. With transcriptions. Often amusing.

Discovery Channel Video Clips
Excellent quality documentaries even over a slow connection.

Flash Animations for the English Class
Mainly about science and the environment.
Frédéric Chotard

America Free TV Classic Movies

For teachers - on-line articles and other resources related to
using video with ESL/EFL students:

Video: Active listening & watching
techniques for children
by Pamela Albert, Glenys Hanson, Donna L'Hôte. Many are
also appropriate for adults.

Video in Language Education:

Making News Broadcasts Work for You
by Elizabeth Mejia

The Internet TESL Journal - Search Results for "video"
comes up with 191 items.



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