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Introduction to changes being made

The idea of this revamp is to combine all of the present "English" books into one book with sections for each area. At present it is impossible for those wishing to learn some basic English to actually find the correct book. I also think that each book should have a more specific target audience.

Book 1) is intended for native speakers as a grammar reference. It would also be suitable for advanced learners of English (levels C1 and C2).

Book 2) is intended for elementary learners of English (non-natives). It should be targeted towards levels A1 and A2.

Book 3) is intended for intermediate students at levels B1 and B2.

Book 4) is intended for B2 level students preparing for the University of Cambridge FCE examination.

Book 5) is intended for teachers who teach English as a foreign language. This book will mainly focus on teaching practice and theory and not on specific grammar.

Book 6) is intended for business students (level B1 and B2 maybe) who need English for specific purposes like meetings and telephoning.

Explanation of Levels

These levels correspond to the European Framework for Languages.

A1 students are those who are able to say simple sentences about themselves and complete some forms requiring information.

A2 students have usually studied English for at least a year and have a passing knowledge of tenses and can produce short sentences about themselves.

B1 students are able to have conversations about simple topics but make still make frequent mistakes.

B2 students have usually studied English for at least 3-4 years. They are starting to master English grammar and their vocabulary is substantial.

C1 students are advanced and have usually studied English for more than 5 years. Often their level of English is better than native speakers and they can converse about any topic.

C2 students may still make the occasional mistake but their English is very advanced and they can listen or read any kind of material and produce writing about any topic. Generally a C2 student has a knowledge of the English language greater than that of most native speakers.

Other Possibilities
It would be nice to incorporate some audio and possibly video files in the English books. This is one area where we are lacking when compared to other language text books on Wikibooks. Some tests will be needed for each book and we should work to ensure that material isn't duplicated - vocabulary pages can be repeated, for instance, for different areas.

Any other ideas :

Please list any other ideas or suggestions that you have for the redevelopment of the Wikibook's English module.

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