Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Exercises for Beginners

Exercises for Beginners

Most of these have pictures or other graphics

Beginners Dictation Exercises

Interactive grammar exercises
All with graphics:

Positions 1
right, left, middle, then, another, first, last, between.

Positions 2
in front of - behind

Total Physical Response exercises
Henny Jellema.

Listen to the recording and match the sentence to the picture.
A huge number of exercises.

Number Pronunciation and Spelling

Number comprehension

English numbers

Figures and numbers

1st, 2nd, 3rd
Listening and matching exercise.

Origin of the Months of the Year

Origin of the Days of the Week

Bang on Time Read the time in words andstop the clock
when the hands are in the matching position.

Michel Barbot's Beginner's Page

Stan Bogdanov

What's the weather like?

New Bulgaria University
A lot of easy exercises in Level 1

Renée Maufroid
A site for beginners in English

ESL Blue
animated grammar tutorials:
to be - past

Tereza Neves

A lot of easy exercises with pictures.

ESL Bears
A lot of interactive quizzes, listening activities, etc. for near beginners

Isabel Perez

My house Find the mistakes exercise

UVic's Vocabulary exercises matching words

The Internet Picture Dictionary:

Language Guide Pass the cursor over the image tohear the word
pronounced and see it written. Organised by theme.

Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun Do the Match Game .

Illustrated vocabulary Flashcard vocabulary games .

Charles Kelly

Describing your Family

Learn English Online



Search online dictionaries
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