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Englishbanana MP3 Podcasts

Podcast #10 -

Title: "Match the Song Lyrics" (.MP3 file - 4.28 MB)

Description: Listen to the lyrics and match them to the right places in the song.

Level: Advanced

Published: 9th July 2006

Duration: 4 mins 40 secs

Supporting material:

Match the Song Lyrics - Worksheet and Answers
(.PDF file - 84.5KB)

Podcast #9 -

Title: "She Makes Up Her Mind" (Free Music Track) (.MP3 file - 1.60 MB)

Description: There's no lesson this week, but instead you can relax with our first ever free and exclusive music track. This track is entitled: "She Makes Up Her Mind".

Level: All

Published: 29th June 2006

Duration: 1 min 45 secs

Podcast #8 -

Title: "My Cousin Jeffrey" (.MP3 file - 6.16 MB)

Description: Listen to my cousin Jeffrey talking about what he's got in his home. Write down the things he doesn't say and then put the whole list in alphabetical order. Practise general vocabulary about the home and furniture.

Level: Elementary

Published: 24th June 2006

Duration: 6 mins 44 secs

Supporting material:

My Cousin Jeffrey’s Home - Worksheet and Answers
(.PDF file - 86.2KB)

Podcast #7 -

Title: "Calling the British Library in London" (.MP3 file - 15.8 MB)

Description: Fun listening quiz for intermediate learners all about the British Library, testing numbers, addresses and more...!

Level: Intermediate

Published: 17th June 2006

Duration: 17 mins 22 secs

Supporting material:

Calling the British Library in London - Worksheet and Transcript
(.PDF file - 94.4KB)

Podcast #6 -

Title: "World Cup 2006 Quiz" (.MP3 file - 16.5 MB)

Description: Fantastic topical football quiz - listen and answer the questions!

Level: Intermediate

Published: 10th June 2006

Duration: 18 mins 01 secs

Supporting material:

World Cup 2006 Quiz - Question Sheet (.PDF file - 69.2KB)

Podcast #5 -

Title: "The Girl Who Got Bigger and Bigger" (.MP3 file - 10.6 MB)

Description: Listen to the story of the girl who just kept on growing until her foot was the size of her house! Then answer 10 comprehension questions.

Level: Elementary

Published: 3rd June 2006

Duration: 11 mins 40 secs

Supporting material:

The Girl Who Got Bigger and Bigger - Transcript & Answers
(.PDF file - 91.8KB)

Podcast #4 -

Title: "A Very Big Family!" (.MP3 file - 10.2 MB)

Description: Join in with this fun role play about a man who has a very big family!

Level: Intermediate

Published: 27th May 2006

Duration: 11 mins 10 secs

Supporting material:

A Very Big Family! - Transcript (.PDF file - 85.6KB)

Questions & Answers (.PDF file - 76.2KB)

Podcast #3 -

Title: "Can You Follow Instructions?" (.MP3 file - 9.71 MB)

Description: Listen to the instructions and try to follow them exactly.
Plus - answers to last week's quiz questions about the United Kingdom

Level: Intermediate

Published: 20th May 2006

Duration: 10 mins 36 secs

Supporting material: Can You Follow Instructions? - Answer Page
(JPEG file - 30.5KB)

Podcast #2 -

Title: "The Car Thief" (.MP3 file - 12.7 MB)

Description: Listen to the story of "The Car Thief" and answer the questions that follow. Plus - test your general knowledge of the United Kingdom...

Level: Intermediate

Published: 13th May 2006

Duration: 13 mins 30 secs

Supporting material: The Car Thief (.PDF file - 96KB)

Podcast #1 -

Title: "Learn the English Alphabet" (.MP3 file - 11.8 MB)

Description: Listen to and repeat the English alphabet with some useful exercises for elementary students of English on our first ever podcast!

Level: Elementary

Published: 6th May 2006

Duration: 12 mins 57 secs

Supporting material: The English Alphabet (HTML)



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