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Audio based listening exersises online

based listening exercises online


Beginners Dictations
19 exercises with illustrations
A mini course for real beginners


The Kingdom of the Lion with lovely illustrations

The Wolf and the Crane with animated illustrations

All levels

Here, There and Everywhere
21 stories for learners of English
Text Reconstruction / Dictation exercises

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
Lots of dialogues at all levels with exercises and transcripts.

BBCLearning English: Welcome to London

The Web Language Lab
Robert Tuffigo.
Recorded texts with transcriptions and exercises. Key vocabulary translated
into French.


Fairy Stories
Text reconstruction exercises.

English Language Listening Lab Online. 1,000 listening activites + transcipt and interactive quiz. Note: There are some mistakes in the transcriptions.

People giving their opinons about pets, ghosts, money, TV, etc...

Listening Games

Talking Points

News Center


BBC Learning English - Business Words in the News
Audio news items + transcripts

BBC Learning English with Music

BBC Sherlock Holmes
Five unusual new cases

CNN Story Archives
Each module includes the full text of each story and interactive activities
to test comprehension. Your can choose to read the text, listen to the
text, and view a short video clip of the story.

Living on Earth
Radio programs on environmental issues + transcripts.

ABC's The World Today Current affairs radio
programmes with transcripts from Australia.

Listening exercises
Michel Barbot

G. W. Bush's address to the nation

I have a dream... Martin Luther King

Takako's Great Adventure
A story in 10 episodes with transcriptions, vocabulary help and interactive

English Language Listening Laboratory Online

Listening Games

News Center

Listen and Read Along
Charles Kelly
As you listen to the story, the words that are being spoken will be

Breaking News English
Ready-to-use EFL / ESL lesson plans based on current affairs. Graded
news articles, listenings and communicative activities uploaded daily.

The Moonlit Road

Many professionally told stories about the American South. With transcripts
and illustrations.

Voices from The Smithsonian Associates
Radio broadcasts on Current Affairs, History, Literature and the Performing
Arts. No transcripts or exercises.

Everyday English in Conversation Dialogues
Trancripts - no exercises.

Interactive Health Tutorials

Animated graphics with each tutorial explain a procedure or condition
in easy-to-read language.

You can also listen to the tutorial.


Randal Davis
Reduce your accent, speak more naturally, and understand conversational

Repeat After Us

A collection of copyright-free English texts and scripted recordings:
poetry, drama, children's stories, nursery rhymes, fiction, non-fiction...
Made by High School students.

Listening comprehension & note-taking: Exercises
University of Hertfordshire
Different kinds of exercises intended for university students : lectures,
politicians' speeches, etc.

BBC 4 Audio Interviews
Famous writers, painters, filmmakers, musicians, scientists, sports personalities, etc. from the BBC archives.
No transcripts.

The Reith Lectures
Listen to the prestigious annual BBC lectures on various aspects of
contemporary life by famous speakers. Transcripts but no exercises.

Other lists of links

Just for fun!

TTS (Text-to-Speech) Demo
Type in a text and hear it spoken aloud in (almost) natural speech.

Artificial Intelligence Robot SPEAKS to you

Talk to a robot teacher.

Alice and her friends
Several different "bots" to talk with.



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