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Develop your English listening skills by using our MP3 audio files and pdf scripts. You can listen to the files online, download them onto your PC or put them on your MP3 player. You can either just listen or try the activity at the beginning of the script. Then you can check with the script to see how well you've understood.


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Analysing Documents (3Mb) (script) (26Kb)
Listen to a doctor being interviewed about his experience of learning and using English.

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Beating Stress (3Mb) (script) (26Kb)
A financial trader talks about the stresses of his job and how he beats them.

Business and Ethics (3Mb) (script) (22Kb)
Can businesses be ethical? A short introductory lecture on ethical business principles.

Business Angels (2.65Mb) (script) (22Kb)
A Business Angel speaks about his work on a radio programme.

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Change Management (3.2Mb) (script) (17Kb)
Listen to an employee talking to her boss about the way she and her team work.

Chaos Theory (3Mb) (script) (25Kb)
A leading economist discusses how chaos theory relates to the economy.

Cinema and politics (3Mb) (script) (102Kb)
Listen to part of a lecture on political cinema.

Climate change (3.32Mb) (script) (87Kb)
A radio talk about causes and effects of climate change.

Creativity (3.56Mb) (script) (90Kb)
Part of a radio programme on developing creativity in the workplace.

Cultural Heritage (3.57Mb) (script) (87Kb)
A young archaeologist describes a dig that she worked on.

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Discrimination (4.2Mb) (script) (22Kb)
Listen to Mr Griffin, a Human Resources expert, talking about discrimination in the workplace.
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eBay (4.9Mb) (script) (89Kb)
Listen to a business school seminar on the Internet company eBay.

e-economy (3Mb) (script) (84Kb)
Listen to an extract from a lecture about the characteristics of successful ecommerce businesses.

Emotional intelligence (3.22Mb) (script) (102Kb)
An extract from a lecture on emotional intelligence (EQ) and how to increase our own.

Engineering projects (4.5Mb) (script) (136Kb)
An engineer gives a talk to students at a sixth form college on the latest developments in motors.

English: The Global Language (3.7Mb) (script) (20Kb)
Listen to the controversial linguistics expert Professor Mc Kenzie giving a lecture on the future of the English language.

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Facilitation Skills (3Mb) (script) (21Kb)
Listen to a radio show discussion on the role of online moderators in distance learning.

Fashion (3.6Mb) (script) (21Kb)
Listen to an interview with a male supermodel.

Football management (2.55Mb) (script) (88Kb)
Listen to Paul talk about his career in football.

Future fuel sources (4.2Mb) (script) (141Kb)
An energy expert gives advice on reducing bills by using renewable energy sources in the home.

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Hydraulics: water projects (4.1Mb) (script) (96Kb)
Listen to this extract from a radio interview with an environmental scientist, adviser on water projects.

Hybrid Cars (2.5Mb) (script) (21Kb)
Hybrid cars pollute less than conventional cars, but what are they like to drive? Listen to a person who has driven one.

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Improving Your Concentration (2.6Mb) (script) (19Kb)
Listen to different people talk about how noise effects their concentration.

Improving Your Memory (2Mb) (script) (16Kb)
A lecturer describes a technique to improve your recall.

Influential Business people (3.6Mb) (script) (31Kb)
An author is being interviewed about his book on influential business people.

Investing in youth (3.4Mb) (script) (130Kb)
Listen to this excerpt from a radio talk show about the importance of girls attending schools in Uganda.

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Knowledge Management (4.8Mb) (script) (34Kb)
A human resources manager talks about how knowledge management has changed and challenged her organisation.
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Leadership (3.3Mb) (script) (131Kb)
Listen to a discussion on what is a good leader taking place during some staff training.

Learning English (2.3Mb) (script) (18Kb)
Two students are discussing their English lessons and how they prefer to learn the language. Pick up some study tips as students discuss how they like to learn English.

Learning Vocabulary (3.6Mb) (script) (19Kb)
A French university student talks about learning English and the difficulties he has.

Lifelong learning (2.57Mb) (script) (86Kb)
A radio advert where learners talk about their own experiences of going back into education.

Lifestyle Planning (4.3Mb) (script) (22Kb)
Listen to a financial expert talk about lifestyle planning.

Liverpool: Capital of Culture 2008 (3Mb) (script) (21Kb)
Listen to a local radio programme presenter interviewing Liverpudlians about the nomination of their city as European Capital of Culture 2008.

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Managing Conflict (3Mb) (script) (20Kb)
Listen to some work colleagues trying to resolve a dispute.

Marketing (3.6Mb) (script) (1Mb)
Listen to a lecturer in Marketing introducing his course and this topic.

Megacities (4Mb) (script) (132Kb)
How can big cities deal with the problem of transport?

Mentoring (2.8Mb) (script) (26Kb)
Listen to a writer discussing mentoring in the workplace.

Microcredits (3.17Mb) (script) (84Kb)
Listen to three people speak about how they used the microcredits they received.

Motivation (3.6Mb) (script) (20Kb)
Listen to an extract of an interview with a professor of Business Studies about the subject of motivation.

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Negotiating Skills (2.2Mb) (script) (24Kb)
Two business people are negotiating the terms of delivery of some new components.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (3Mb) (script) (21Kb)
A trainer talks about a conference in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) that she attended.

New Communications (3Mb) (script) (23Kb)
Have you ever listened to a podcast? Listen to someone talk about how and why he started his own podcast.

New Urbanism (3Mb) (script) (15Kb)
Listen to an interview with an architect who explains about the trend of New Urbanism.

Not-for-profit organisations (3.4Mb) (script) (85Kb)
An interview with someone who wants to do voluntary work on a community house-building scheme.

Notting Hill Carnival (3.4Mb) (script) (23Kb)
Listen to an interview with carnival-goer Winston Perry who talks about the famous London carnival.

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Oil Crisis (3.6Mb) (script) (21Kb)
Listen to an economist and a writer talking about the current oil crisis and alternatives to oil.

Organic farming (4Mb) (script) (20.5Kb)
Listen to two work colleagues discuss the pros and cons of choosing organic food.

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Pensions crisis (3.5Mb) (script) (19Kb)
Listen to a radio reporter interviewing people about the pensions crisis.

Pricing Strategies (3Mb) (script) (23Kb)
How can low-cost airlines offer such cheap tickets? This short interview explains their pricing strategy.

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Self-assessment (3.3Mb) (script) (30Kb)
Paolo is talking to his teacher about some techniques to help him assess his progress in learning English.

Solar energy (3.69Mb) (script) (141Kb)
Listen to this excerpt from a radio broadcast on solar cooking technology.

Spotlight on England (4.86Mb) (script) (133Kb)
What connection is there between a red cross, roses, three lions and Jerusalem? Listen to find out.

Spotlight on Scotland (4.5Mb) (script) (107Kb)
Listen to this radio interview with an author who has just published a book about the Loch Ness Monster.

Spotlight on Wales (4Mb) (script) (140Kb)
How much do you know about the Welsh language? A university professor gives an introduction.(2.9Mb)

Starting an e-business (2.68Mb) (script) (84Kb)
A small e-business owner talks about how he set up his business.

Study Skills (3Mb) (script) (15Kb)
Listen to a lecturer give advice on how to improve your study skills.

Sustainable urban living (5.57 Mb) (script) (95.2 Kb)
Part of a radio programme about sustainable living in Curtiba, Brazil.

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Teacher trainer tips (4.56Mb) (script) (132Kb)
A teacher trainer talks about how to organise pairwork activities with young learners.

Telecommunications (4Mb) (script) (21.5Kb)
People involved in a teleconference brainstorming session for new business applications for Galileo, the European global positioning system.

The Boomerang Generation (4Mb) (script) (18Kb)
Are you part of the "boomerang generation"? Listen to a university lecturer explain the economic reasons behind this recent social phenomenon.

The BRIC countries (5Mb) (script) (21Kb)
Listen to 3 directors of an investment company discussing the importance of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) at a strategy meeting.

The DJ (1.62Mb) (script) (18.5Kb)
Listen to a radio show host asking a DJ, Mahesh Gupta, about his work.

The future of Europe (3.4Mb) (script) (20Kb)
What do young people in Britain think of the European Union? Listen to the opinions of two Liverpudlian undergraduates.

The future of G8 (3.6 Mb) (script) (86Kb)
An interview with a Brazilian anti-global movement advocate, who talks about the problems his country faces despite predictions for a more affluent future.

The Greenhouse Effect (2.8Mb) (script) (20Kb)
An expert explains what the Greenhouse Effect is and the problems it can cause.

The Intern (3.6 Mb) (script) (21 Kb)
A Marketing student is giving a presentation about an internship he served in an advertising company.

The re-definition of "old" (4Mb) (script) (20Kb)
Listen to this interview with 65-year-old Simon Bullough, who "retired" last year but continues to work for his employer.

The US forever number 1? (3.62Mb) (script) (136Kb)
Listen to a radio show in which listeners ask questions about the American economy.

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US Federal Reserve (2.9Mb) (script) (87Kb)
An interview with an economist about the policy of the Governor of the U.S. Federal Reserve.
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Web telephony (4.6Mb) (script) (20Kb)
Listen to a talk about web telephony.

Wind Farms (3Mb) (script) (25Kb)
Listen to a radio programme in which politicians are talking about wind farms as a possible energy source.

Winning by design or skill? (1.7Mb) (script) (22Kb)
Listen to a racing driver give his opinion on what it takes to be a winning driver.

World music (3.8Mb) (script) (16Kb)
Listen to a lecture on music from the African continent.

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