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Disney Addition & Subtraction


Disney Learning - Addition and Subtraction

(Ages 5 - 7)

Addition and Subtraction

By Bendon Publishing Company

Mathematics is so much a part of our everyday lives that adults sometimes forget that numbers can be a mystery to children. It is important that your child begins early to feel comfortable with numbers. You can demonstrate the importance of math and reinforce math concepts as you and your child perform everyday tasks. Try to slip activities like these into your daily schedule:

Write addition or subtraction facts on an index card, and tape the card to the mirror above the sink. Encourage your child to review the facts on the card during tooth brushing time. Whenever your child masters the old facts, tape up a new set of facts.

Set out the knives, forks, and spoons you will need for a family meal. As you prepare dinner, say a number and have your child group the silverware into sets to show as many ways as possible to add or subtract to arrive at the number you said.

When you and your child go shopping together, give your child the job of selecting the number of items of a particular kind that you need. Make up addition problems about the kinds of food you selected. For example, say, 'We have 6 bananas and 6~ oranges. How many pieces of fruit did we get ?' .

Make up story problems about things that are happening around you. For example, 'There are 12 people on the bus. IF 3 people get off at the next stop, how many will be left ?' .



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