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Learn English with Sail Away! 1 - Class Audio CDs



Sail Away! 1 - Class Audio CDs

Author: Jenny Dooley & Virginia Evans
Publisher: Express Publishing
File size: 87.48 MB
File type: MP3 & CUE

Sail Away! has been designed for pupils learning English at primary level. In this series, we are reunited with the characters introduced in the Set Sail! series.
Sail Away!is pupil-centered approach ensures young learners' motivation and entertainment through a wide variety of activities designed to exploit all four skills, thus providing a solid foundation for language learning.
Each level of the Sail Away! series consists of five modules. The Pupil's Book and the Activity Book are designed to be covered in 70 hours of classroom work.

Key Features :

•  Modularized themes .
• Presentation of vocabulary through colored  flashcards and posters .
• New language presented through lively dialogues and interesting texts .
• Songs, chants and games .
• Pronunciation "twisters" .
• Constant recycling of vocabulary and grammar .
• Revision and evaluation at the end of each module .
• Full-color Activity Book .
• Stickers .
• Projects and guided authentic writing tasks .
• Board games in the Activity Book .
• Assessment tests in the Test Booklet .
• A look at life in English-speaking countries .
• Cross-curricular sections .
• Fully dramatized audio CDs .
• Story Book: a story told in narrative as well as in play form .
• step-by-step interleaved Teacher's Book with additional activities and games
• fully animated DVDs / DVD-ROMs
• puppet (Chuckles)

Sail Away! 1 & 2 fully animated DVDs / DVD-ROMs give pupils the chance to practice the English language through interactive exercises, either in class or at home. See Video/DVD and CD-ROM / DVD-ROM sections for details.



Download Links

• Class Audio CDs (Pupil's Book & Activity Book, MP3&CUE, 87.48 MB)

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