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Disney Learning - Phonics and Reading


Disney Learning - Phonics and Reading

(Ages 5 - 7)

By Bendon Publishing Company
Reading and Phonics

Helping your child learn how to recognise letters and sounds is an important first step in teaching him or her how to read. Once your child understands that the sounds in words can be represented with letters, he or she will be able to begin to sound out and read words. It is also important for your child to practice writing letters and words. Correctly forming letters and learning how to spell phonetic words will give your child a solid skill foundation. Here are some suggestions for helping your child learn how to read, write, and spell.

•Go on an alphabet hunt. Help your child find every letter of the alphabet in books, magazines, and newspapers in your home.

•Have your child name each family member. Ask your child what letter each name begins with.

• Play 'What's Cooking?' Help your child read the labels on food products. Ask him or her to name the vowel sound in each word. For example, eggs begins with short e.

•Help your child make a list of words that he or she can read independently. Use a large sheet of paper so you can add new words to it each day. Hang the list in a handy spot so your child can practice reading the words to you often.



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